Attractions in Back Bay

The McKim Building of the Boston Public Library
The McKim Building is a library in Copley Square that is part of the Boston Public Library system. It was constructed and opened in 1895. The building incorporates several architectural design aspects that lend to an overall aesthetic that is pleasing and popular. Beyond the building itself, which is delightful to visit, the items housed in the library are worth a look. Several floors of the building are kept for exhibitions of the collection, including art, though the McKim building is a work of art in and of itself.

John Hancock Tower
The John Hancock Tower is a large addition to Copley Square that some find vulgar in its surroundings. With such classically appealing buildings as the McKim in view, the John Hancock Tower does seem a bit out of place. However, the tower is famous for being the biggest skyscraper in all of New England. It also offers street level visitors a spectacular view, as it is paned with reflective glass. 

Newbury Street
Newbury Street is the shopping hub of Boston's Back Bay. There are numerous brownstones, which are common in the city, on either side of Newbury Street. Many of them contain shops, of which there are hundreds. Visitors can start at the Boston Public Garden end of the street and work their way down toward Massachusetts Avenue or "Mass Ave." to locals. The more posh shops are near the garden and the more eclectic, affordable shops are toward "Mass Ave."

The Prudential Tower
The Prudential Tower or "The Pru" is another skyscraper that helps make up the "high spine" section of the Back Bay. The Prudential Tower is the second tallest building in Boston, but offers more to visitors than the John Hancock Tower. The John Hancock Tower's observation deck is closed. The Prudential Tower's Skywalk is open to the public and affords the best views of Boston inside of the city. Not only that, the Prudential Tower has the Top of the Hub restaurant on the 52nd floor. In terms of fun and city spirit, the Prudential Tower far outshines the John Hancock Tower. The building has been known to flash "Go Sox" in the window lights for the local baseball club and it even has led lights for special occasions.